Sarvodaya Samiti Case Study

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Case Background

Mr Pradip Mohanty was wondering about the best option of partnerships that his NGO

organization sarvodaya samiti should go with considering the fact that their prime objective

of running the business is to help the farmers as well as the consumers. They also had a

couple of objectives such as to develop bee keeping industry in Orissa implying an increase

in production which would attract more number of farmers to take up bee-keeping along with

other activities along with this they had they commitment to keep their quality intact as they

wanted a good response from the market considering the fact that bee industry had already

established players and even though they had a good share of rural market particularly
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Selecting the Best Alternative

Catering to the problems faced by Honey unit of Savodaya Samiti Mr Pradip Mohanty had a number

of options available to him, so what i have tried is to analyse each alternative offered to him on the

basis of SWOT analysis

Alternative 1:-Sarvodaya Samiti being Part of the Consortium


Option 1:-

• Focus on only one job (Procurement)

Option 2:-

 Hold in processing and marketing

 Improvement in processing, packaging

 Maintaining quality

 Getting fixed processing

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