Sasquatched Play Analysis

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Sasquatched was the longest play that I have seen in life so far, as an un-experienced musical watcher. From the beginning to the end of the musical production I was hooked, whether it was from jokes that were incorporated into the story, or from the message that the story was trying to portray to the audience members. The book, music and lyrics were written by the very talented Phil Darg, who is a North Hennepin Community College Alumnus. The musical Sasquatched was directed by the one and only Mike Ricci, the acting was done by the talented and few theatre artists from North Hennepin, along with a couple other people from the community. All of these individuals helped create the magical musical that is Sasquatched. The story of Sasquatched was beautifully written. I thought that it was easy to follow along, there wasn’t a time during the musical that I was confused, as I was expecting to be,…show more content…
Which says a lot about how well written the musical is, and the time that went into creating the story. The characters also followed a journey throughout the story that allowed me and other audience members to see their lives and to also become sympathetic with them. An example is with the character Arthur, which is played by John Naumann. At first, the musical shows Arthur being mistreated by other cast members, then later he is loved and respected by other members who wouldn’t have respected him previously. What I think the story or the moral of the musical is, it shows the life of a misunderstood sasquatch at first, becoming friends with a boy and then they both help make each others lives better. Arthur is misunderstood by the character Bert, which is played by Taylor Loeks. When Bert is at a campground, he spots Arthur and he claims
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