Sasquatches Analysis

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Similar to most sasquatches, I grew up in the depths of the forest with my parents, eating berries and drinking from the streams. My mother and father cared for me deeply, and always taught me to be on guard for humans. As a child, I did not know what humans were, for I never saw one, but I was always paranoid that a human would come and steal all of what was ours. When I became of age my father showed me how to hunt, so that I could feed myself when necessary. Every chance we got, my father and I would go hunting, so that we could have meat to sustain us. It was these times when I experienced my happiest memories. One day I was alone in the forest and I saw a male dear by a creek, I stood there looking at him waiting for my opportunity…show more content…
He said it was because humans consider sasquatches to be monsters, and that they are fearful of us. He also mentioned that humans wanted to kill sasquatches, for they thought that we were evil. The only question that went through my mind was why? I did not understand the humans rational, but all I know is that their rational has caused a tremendous amount of grief for me. We were almost to the caves when my family and I saw a human searching for the one that I killed. Instead of finding him, he found us and began to shoot. We ran in separate directions in order to evade the human. But our efforts were in vain, for he shot both of my parents, and I was the only surviver. In the same way I did with the previous human, I attacked and killed the other human. I did not know what to do going forward, for my heart was filled with pain and sorrow. I felt as though I had become the very monster that humans ascribed to sasquatches. My justification was that he killed my parents, but in my heart, I knew that seeking revenge didn 't solve the heart of the issue. From that moment forward, I lived alone and in solitude heartbroken without anyone to care for. My guilt consumed me, and loneliness was my only friend,…show more content…
Though isolation was my only comfort, it never lasted long, because humans were always searching and hunting for me. They came with their cameras and with their guns, looking to find and capture me,
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