Satan As A Villain In Paradise Lost

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Out of all characters in Paradise Lost of John Milton, Satan is the choices of most reader. Milton had portrayed Satan in first book of Paradise Lost in a way of ambiguity manner. Such duality of character of Satan shown in Milton’s book 1 of Paradise Lost had aroused many arguments among the readers and the critics. Milton’s portrayal of Satan as rebellious villain in some point while as tragic hero in other, gives an individual to make choices of their own. Thus gives the very idea of Milton’s concept of Individual Champion through the character Satan in Paradise Lost especially in Book 1. So this essay will argue on the point of Satan as villain as well as tragic hero through his speeches and description given in Paradise Lost Book 1. The…show more content…
Satan who is going against God is doing what he think is right from his own side. He follows his subconscious mind and only inner voice which had only suffered pain. Milton had described Satan in such a way that some points of his physical description is taken as negative point (as mention earlier as Leviathan) as well as positive point as Heroic. Milton had grandly praised about Satan’s physical stature when he compares the shield of Satan with that of moon and his spear with that of “the tallest Pine Hewn on Norwegian hills”. Such magnify of character gives reader a very massive view of Satan as hero instead of villain. Satan is also facially described with “deep scars of thunder had intrencht” in line 601 of Book 1 of Paradise Lost. Such description of Satan, seems to be suffering lots of pain internally and mentally. According Cammareri (2011) had mention that “the Bible mentions Satan many times according to his attributes, but never explicates his personal feelings and thoughts” while Milton had brought unique character out of Biblical concept of Satan. Milton in his lines in Paradise Lost had shown Satan as one who had ability to endure pain and suffering from emotional and psychological dimension. Milton who trust in individual champion had raised voiced even for Satan though he says his book Paradise Lost is to “justify way of God to man”. Satan’s unique individuality and love for independence clearly portray him as a role model in the eyes of many readers. Such personality of Satan is shown in these lines of Paradise Lost Book 1“Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav’n.” (263). According to Smith (2011) is that in those line, Satan revels his bitterness and acceptance of his reality. However it also shows Satan’s love for independence and his excessive pride which is considered as hubris according to Aristotle. According to Aristotle in his Poetics that tragic heroes must
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