Satan Is Evil In Dante's Inferno

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Satan? To most people he is a demon that rules the underworld and to others he is a figment of imagination. In Dante’s Inferno satan contains one heads but had three faces and is chewing on three people thought out to be the worst sinners. As Virgil said, “were he as fair once, as he now is foul, And lifted up his brow against his Maker, well may proceed from him all tribulation” (Inferno: Canto XXXIV). Satan truly is a horrific sight to see to both Dante and Virgil. Satan is trapped in ice at the bottom of hell and is inevitably stuck frozen there for eternity. Dante represents the ultimate evil this way because Satan has committed treachery against the greatest man; God himself, and will be forever the worst of the worst. Dante’s depiction of Satan at the bottom of Hell reveals the theme that in Hell the punishment is always befitting of the sin by showing the appearance of the geography and the explaining the ones condemned to the level of Hell. Canto XXXIV geography is foggy and icy. Satan is considered the most cold hearted creature in most of the places on Earth. Dante placed Satan in the coldest part of Hell because of…show more content…
Dante made Satan the way he did because Dante fears Satan. Dante wants his reader to know that Satan is not someone that people want to meet. Dante says “underneath each came forth two mighty wings... with six eyes did he weep and down three chins trickled the tear drops and the bloody drivel...” (Dante Canto XXXIV). He uses imagery to try and intimidate his readers on how Satan Truly looks. Satan was an angel that wanted to out best god and rule heaven like it was his own and was always meant to be his for the taking. Satan was sent down to hell in a different form and so were all his followers turning into gruesome demons. No matter how Satan looks he is meant to be the ruler of the underworld and to cause havoc to anyone who enters his
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