Satanic Pentagram: The Symbols Of Satanism

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The Pentagram is a thousands of years old symbol, which symbolizes the union of 5 elements i.e. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Spirit. It is usually used pointed up. The uppermost point is Spirit which shows that Spirit is supreme to the physical elements. However, many Wiccans consider all the elements as equal and it is used inverted as well. -- Wiccan Pentagrams are different from Satanic Pentagrams per se that in Satanism, Pentagram is necessarily used pointed down. The physical elements take a supremacy over Spirit because Satanists believe in humanity’s material existence. However, Wiccans use it both ways and there is no discrimination as to whether the star pointed up is positive. Both the directions, pointed up or down can be used for positive purposes. It depends on the intent of the practitioner. --In Christianity, pentagram symbolized the five wounds of Christ. In wu Xing also, Pentagram is used to symbolize wood, fire, earth, metal and water. --The 4 points of pentagram represent directions and the 5th point symbolizes Spirit within and without. The circle surrounding the star means unity and wholeness. Pentagram shows the quest for Divine Knowledge. --The etymology of the word itself prevents the confusion of Pentagram from Pentacle. Pentacle is pentagram drawn within a circle whereas pentagram when translated means a fluid line which intersects at five points (Penta means 5) to create a shape. Since drawing a circle would mean adding a 6th line, thus it means
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