Satan's Attitude In Paradise Lost

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The Paradise Lost is a story about that Santa who used to be an angle in the Heaven. However, he tempted Adam to eat the apple, which is forbidden to be ate by god (“Milton World” 22-25). Satan felt jealous of “the throne and monocracy of God” (Milton 41-42), so “raised impious war in Heaven”(43). God casted him out of heaven and he fell down from heaven to the Hell and became an evil angel(36-37). He gathered other fallen angel and wanted to revolt. He said, “The mind is its own place, and in itself / Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven (254-55).” However, I disagree mind change his attitude toward Hell and Heaven, because he pointed out how painful he was in the Hell and how he admired Heaven which shows his mind doesn’t make him feel the Heaven like hell and think Hell like heaven. The actual meaning of this sentence is that your mind is a very important part of your body. What you think depends what you feel. It means, although real situation may be very tough, your mind can change your opinion of what you feel about the real situation. However, although Satan said mind depended what he thought, actually we can infer from not only Satan’s action, but also Satan’s words that his mind could’t overcome the real situation he was in. Firstly, Satan’s mind was not strong enough to bear his physical pain in the Hell. There is a lot of description that Hell was a horrible place and the fallen angels have to suffer in the Hell. “Such place eternal justice had
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