Satellite Communication Disadvantages

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Advantages of Satellite Telecommunication
Satellites are launched into space to do a specific job. Satellites, like most other objects, have their pros and cons too. Firstly, it is used for mobile and wireless communication applications independent of location. Mobile communication can be easily established by satellite communication. Once the satellite is in position, Earth Station can be installed and communication may be established within some days or even hours. Next, it covers a wide area of the earth hence the entire country or region can be covered with just one satellite.

Satellite communication is economical compared with terrestrial communication, particularly where long distances are involved. It co-exists with terrestrial microwave line of sight communication. Communications satellites cover all land masses and there is growing capacity to serve maritime and even aeronautical markets. Customers in rural and remote regions around the world who cannot obtain high-speed Internet access from a terrestrial provider are increasingly relying on satellite communications. Satellites have a coverage over a large geographical area. Satellite is unmatched for broadcast applications like television. For two-way IP networks, the speed, uniformity and end-to-end control of today 's advanced satellite solutions are resulting in greater use of satellite by corporations, governments, and consumers.
Satellite communication can be cheaper over long distances. It does not incur

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