Satire About College Relationships

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College Relationships My concerns about college dating is that if I start to date a person and everyone knows that means most guys wont want to talk to me since I am “off the market”. Then again if I was single and they were talking to me I don’t know their motives for doing so. I see it as if I am exclusively dating someone I won’t make as many friends right off the bat. Therefore, I like to make as many friends first and then date someone and see if those people that talked to me are really my friends when I do decide to date someone. On the other hand, now that its been at least a month into school dating someone exclusively is something I would like to experience. We can’t predict the future and how long a relationship might last so in…show more content…
I have only been in three relationships and all three of them have mentally affected the way in which I think, and not in the best ways. In my mind without really knowing I am doing it I compare this new relationship to the older ones. I then start to think and predict that the new relationship will be or end up turing out to be just like the past ones had. The past relationships I have had would tie me down in the sense I couldn't hang out with anyone but them, control me, constantly argue, and when we broke up they would threaten me. Overall I think what I am finding out is that I am afraid of being committed and tied down and then not end up being happy. I understand not all guys are like that but after trying a few times and it having the same outcome its become really hard. Coming with those experiences I also don't trust people as easily as I use to afraid of having them stab me in the back. Turning the corner, I actually hope to find my lifelong partner towards the end of my college experience maybe even sooner you never know. I’ve hear a lot of stories in how many people meet their future soul mate while in college. I actually babysit for someone that met in college and have been married for quite some time now with
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