Satire About Poverty

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Leah Martin
English /5th period
13 May 2016
Final Copy Our family can only eat whatever we grow on a small plot of land located a short way from our house. We have no other form of income so if we are unable to pick anything to eat from the land we go without food on that day. This happens a lot and we regularly go several days without any food at all. When we do pick vegetables from the land it’s very rarely enough for the whole family to be fed so my husband and I have to decide who will eat that day. You can see my younger children crying a lot, it’s because they are so hungry.”“The only source of water for our family is a shallow well situated near to our field. The water is very dirty and the children regularly get sick
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Poverty is universal but does vary within countries, even neighborhoods. According to society poverty is hunger, lack of shelter, not having the ability to see a doctor when necessary and limited education. In third world countries, it is very common for parents to conceive a high number of children as a source of labor. Not only do these kids frequently receive slight or no education, but large families in these countries are the main contributor to global overpopulation. These children are not privileged with the same basic opportunities given to an American child. It differs because they 're looking for employment as their first priority in order to exist . Poverty is believed to be the cause of death because of a lack of resources needed to survive. Some people take for granted what they have such as shelter, food, and water. These are common necessities that people in third world countries aren’t given. It is concerning when people waste food and resources, while in other parts of the world many are struggling to find food and resources in order to survive. People living in poverty can’t afford or can’t obtain nutritious food for themselves or their families. This makes them weaker and more exposed to diseases. Food is the source of all energy. Without food, or good health how is it possible to make something of yourself? You become weak, hope less and even…show more content…
The significance of education cannot be stated enough, which is an investment to a better future. Getting an education is one of the most powerful things a person can ever obtain. It is crucial to the overall development of the individual and the society as a whole.When individuals do not have the option of getting an education due to the cost of the schools as well as the lack of schools itself. For those living in poverty it can be difficult to earn the same amount of education as other people who are considered middle or high class. The first time they are introduced to a formal education is in a school building. The school system lays out a foundation that develops a child 's mind, nurtures their gifts and teaches about responsibility. These key factors set up a child to become successful and soar high in life because they have learned the basis to society. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are forced to abandon their education due to health problems related to malnutrition, or work to provide support for their family. In some third world countries the lack of education is scarce and not valued as much. “Education is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty and yet over half of the world 's schools lack access to safe water and sanitation facilities” (the water project, a good education. pg2). This quote is so important because the only way to combat poverty is to have knowledge to do so. So without that power you can’t elevate and break the chain of hardship.
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