Satire About Theatre

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Theater. To the average person, it is just acting, singing and dancing; however, this could not be further from the truth. There are other groups who are as crucial to the show as the actors, if not more. As someone who entered the world of theater much later than the rest of the cast, my eyes have been opened tremendously to the reality of drama.

When I first joined stage crew for my school’s spring musical as a sophomore, I was convinced that I knew exactly what went into a production: the cast would do read-throughs of their lines, the stage crew would paint sets and occasionally move a prop or two, the pit band would sit around and look at music, and magically everything would come together. I know now that that isn’t even close to what really goes on before the curtains open. The cast spends weeks on end practicing and
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It can be a creative outlet, a social circle, or even a home away from home. Most importantly, though, it is a chance for me to create something bigger than myself for my community and a learning experience that I will not soon forget. Throughout the multiple shows I have helped put on, I have learned mundane things such as the proper way to clean a paint brush or how to paint wood to look like “better wood” but I have also acquired skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life: teamwork, leadership, responsibility, problem solving, initiative, and commitment. I learned that it is possible to have each of these traits while still being creative, social, and while I’m having fun with people who have become my second family. I realized, here, that I can be whoever I want, and I will be accepted, I realized that not everything will go as planned the very first time and that error should be accounted for, and I realized that theater is much more than just acting, singing, and
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