Satire And Satire In Candide

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Voltaire is considered one of the most important Satirist in literature . He was born in Paris in 1694 . He has been very intelligent since his children . He wrote Candide at the age of 24 . Candide is his masterpiece . Through that essay , we 'll discuss the genre of the novel . Next we 'll show if Candide is a proper hero to pinpoint what the writer intends to review . Afterwards , we 'll discuss aspects of important issues including optimism , racism , religious tolerance , and women 's rights . Finally , we will analyze the usage of the word "garden " if it is symbolic or real . Then we 'll show if that word reflects Candide 's philosophy or not The genre of the novel is satire and irony . a satire is a group of words carrying a moral lesson in the shape of humor lest it should hurt others directly . It 's a hind of critique . Candide is ,of course a dystopian literature which is a literary form that aims to distrupt the human convictions and draw people to a question what they take for granted so it 's aiming at criticizing human 's beliefs ,conducts . Satire can discover defects of life and its drawbacks ,economically ,socially and politically . Satire depends mainly on critical situations including laughter to reach an aim . The aim of Voltaire 's satire and irony is to show his points of view concering his philosoph of optimism and injustice in the society . An example for satire is that when the Baron knew that a

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