Satire Essay About Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking, there is nothing good, or positive in general, that you can say about it. We have had a problem with it for decades, and it needs to be stopped, but why is no one stepping up and trying to make a difference? Perhaps it is that human trafficking is very less common in North America, especially the United States, than it is in other countries. Although slavery has been abolished for over 150 years, it still exists in America, and it is an injustice to everyone that it involves. In bigger cities, ghettos, anywhere there are people that are willing to either sell their body, or there are people to abduct, there is trafficking. Even though it is not looked at as a form of trafficking, prostitution; it is a big problem in this…show more content…
Corrupt government officials allow this to happen if you slip them some money under the table, which is a terrifying thing to think about, the people who are supposed to lead you and run your country allow you to be sold or stolen for their personal gain. Even in this great country of ours we allow this to happen, in California, the punishment for human trafficking of those over the age of 18 is 3-5 years in a state prison, 3-8 for a minor, and the best part, no stated penalty of trafficking a minor without force. But why change the law? Crime flourishes where the law is weak. Since the implementation of Prop 35, which increases the length of sentences and increases fines 10 fold compared to before. This bill was passed with a 81% vote yes, which makes me wonder, why didn’t it pass with 100%? Despite progress, the number of trafficking convictions stay low. Only 4,750 convictions in 2012, staying about that average in the years since then. Now, let’s bring light to our great state of Michigan, where we are second in our country for sex trafficking and trade, only to be beat by Nevada. Michigan is such an epicenter for sex trafficking because of our location, close to the border of Canada, and our waterways which could make for lucrative business. In this form of exploitation certain people refer to as “business”, this is a highly profitable and very low risk
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