Satire Essay About Wrestling

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Wonderful Wrestling A Satirical Perspective on Sports Throughout my life I have been blessed to compete in the oldest sport in the world, wrestling. I’ve been able to compete in all three styles of wrestling and seen success in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco­Roman. While I could go on about my own personal accomplishments, I would like to point the finger not at myself, but behind me towards the driving forces that play a huge role in my matches. No, I am not talking about the cheerleaders whose use of the same three cheers displays their knack for understanding wrestling. I am also not referring to the parents who sit in the bleachers and yell all of the moves that would definitely work in any given situation as loud as they can. I am in…show more content…
I do not honestly know where our team would be if it weren’t for our quick­witted head coach. As you can see, our wrestling team is only as successful as it is because of our quick­witted head coach, our bodybuilder assistant coach, and our knowledgeable assistant coach. Our quick­witted head coach is most fit for our head coaching job because he is the only one who can think quickly enough to realize that in each and every match we should always choose top and never choose either neutral, bottom, or defer. Our bodybuilder assistant coach is invaluable to the team because he’s the only one who is in good enough shape to watch us work out and make sure we’re doing it as he would do if he were working out in high school. Lastly, our knowledgeable assistant coach is essential to the process because only he is smart enough to know that moves proven to work throughout the ages should be discarded in favor of his techniques. Truly, these three have prepared each and every wrestler for their matches better than any other coach that I have ever had in my
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