Satire Essay Immigration

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Immigration Like Jan Brewer once said,”We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it, everything from the crime and to the drugs and the kidnappings and the extortion and the beheadings and the fact that people can 't feel safe in their community. It 's wrong! It 's wrong!”, immigration should not be allowed. Why can’t we tolerate immigration? Maybe it is because there are many risks involved with it. Some people worry that some jobs will not have enough people to work them. However, illegal immigrants should be deported for entering the country illegally, because the government can not afford their costs, this encourages more illegal immigrants to come, and this causes more poverty. First of all, the…show more content…
Second, if we keep the illegal immigrants in the US, more illegal immigrants would want to come here. They have heard of many illegal immigrants that have found jobs to bring them out of poverty, and they want to do the same for their family. Parents are now sending their children over here in a desperate attempt to bring themselves over, only to find that their children are getting sent back.It is kind of like a domino once one person gets a good job, then more people hear about it. They all want to come over, and if we do not deport them now, we may never be able to fully get rid of them. Even worse, illegal immigration brings our country into poverty. All these children coming here for a better future have absolutely nothing! All they know is that their parents might be coming to them one day. What if their parents don’t come? The children grow up and live in poverty. Another example is when illegal immigrants come to the US and can not get a job. They are basically bringing poverty straight from their home country to ours. Some people say that when illegal immigrants are deported, then they lose their businesses. For example, the farmers in Georgia lost 140 billion dollars in 2011 because the crops that didn’t get picked were left in the field to rot. However, many people without jobs would certainly jump to this chance for a
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