Satire Essay On Animal Testing

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We are so lucky to have animals in the world. I mean, what better living creatures to use than rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters for experimentation. Several popular beauty and cosmetic brands including Maybelline, Avon, Rimmel London, Covergirl and even Dove, test their products or ingredients on animals. Regardless of this having effects on their sales, companies perform this act for our safety and so that our mascaras don’t make our eyelashes fall out or our shampoos won’t make us bald. Most importantly, it’s done for proof when injured customers sue. Despite this, there are still many companies that don’t use animal testing including Lush, Urban Decay and the Body Shop. With no real proof that their products are safe, they’re doing a foolish act that puts both their company and users at sake. I…show more content…
"If it 's proven to reduce suffering through animals tests, it 's not wrong to use them. To say cosmetics is an absolute evil is absurd." The Canadian Federal of Human Societies states that all cosmetic companies in Canada are required to confirm the safety of their products. Scientific research shows that animals and humans are very similar in terms of DNA and genetics. Although animal experimentation is not required and the research conducted is often unreliable, this proves why animals are the perfect testing subjects. Chimpanzees have DNA that is approximately 99% similar to humans while mice have genetics that are around 98% alike. By urging products to be tested on animals, companies will be able to feel good about themselves and ensure that their products are good enough to be marketed. Besides, they work so hard coming up with formulas consisting of new ingredients to ensure we look

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