Satire Essay On Cheating

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Ch. 8 To be honest I am not really sure where I stand with this prompt. As a college student I am glad that some professors enforce a curve in the classes because that means I will get a better grade in the classes. Than at the same time it is kind of like cheating in a way, cheating myself and my future employer. I guess I will choose that colleges should not enforce a curve on grades because that is cheating and most colleges have a law or prohibition on cheating. In a way this is some colleges cheating in ranking and on grades. Sometimes it’s not really about the grades, but the knowledge that students are able to bring with them and apply it to their future job. Colleges are supposed to prep students for the world ahead of them and help…show more content…
Common knowledge here, but during the great depression it was Theodore Roosevelt who brought America out of the great depression. He as president and his chamber of people created plenty of jobs to fuel the economy again. Therefore, government should be able to step in and stop inflation on food and oil, because if they don’t than businesses will take advantage of the people. Since businesses know that people will have to buy food and oil as a necessity to live and survive on, people will have to buy it at any cost. This means more profit for businesses because the rise on food and oil means more money in their wallet but less money in consumers’ wallets, “Similarly, when homeowners benefit from inflation because the price of their homes rises, while renters suffer because they are paying higher rent” (ch.8 p. 15). Hence government should step in to intervene in businesses, but it is a completely different story if we are running out of food and oil rather than just raising the price because they want to. When businesses are filling up their account with more money, but leaving their consumers with less money in their wallet there is a problem and it will hurt the supply and demand law. That being the case, government should be given the authority to regulate markets only to an extent to make sure the inflation level stays at a reasonable
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