Satire Essay On Homeless

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Homeless Homelessness is a major key issue that has been on our island for more than a decade. It hasn’t come to the point yet that it would get solve or anything. Many of our government officials does not clearly know where they are heading due to the twist and turns that they have been. Blaming the homeless is clearly not the issue but not really having to identify that it is the government that is creating this problem to be a more bigger and heated issue. If only they set aside a time to experience what they are going through, if only they look in the bigger picture, instead of building a rail that would only help a quarter of the population, if only they were able to empathize more --- I would go on from here but it is the ‘if only’ and the ‘what if’ that could have made a difference then we, [the people] would not have to go through this controversial. In the past few years, there has been many homeless camps lately that has been building up with families that the government either had swept up or get rid of trying to hide them from society. The government main goal of getting them into permanent housing really will not solve anything. Like our homeless for the most parts do suffer trauma and that is what they know so far but in the inside, many of the homeless like living where they are, they …show more content…

With this documentary that I will be producing along with a couple of others peers of mines -- I want to be able to spread the message to our youth that if we don’t start to act now and change our behavior then we, as an adults will have to face this situation more worse than what it is already

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