Satire Essay On Illegal Immigrants Today

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immigration-today-3/ Immigration can be viewed as something that has forever blessed or plagued this country. Perspective plays a big role in the discussion of illegal immigrants that enter America daily. With American society becoming more and more prejudice in each decade since Martin Luther King had his “I Have a Dream” speech Blacks are not the only ones on the discrimination list. This problem has since began to come to a head under President Trump and his term. Unbeknownst to many who support the deportation of illegal immigrants wholeheartedly, immigrants add to the society just as much as people fear they’ve been taking. The reality of the situation is a lot more difficult to decipher because you can’t truly blame the actions of some immigrants as a reason to hate them all…show more content…
With so many possible horror stories it is impossible to pick those who deserve to stay out from those who don’t, so instead they are grouped in with all the rest. The truth is that without immigration this country would not be as much of a superpower. It is the cultural bindings that make America so strong, but it is also what draws so many people towards it. But with an established America the doors are slowly closing for many immigrants especially refugees. Even with a closed door many will still seep through the cracks, but with the vast majority of Americans slowly twisting their minds to side with those against immigration it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, ironically most of their ancestors migrated to this country. There are many pros and cons to immigration, especially in modern times. Immigrants can be a fantastic addition to America’s economy me, or an absolute menace. One good reason that depicts the number of immigrants is the amount of people that get arrested and have no papers. Looking at it from this angle makes it look a lot harder for someone to see immigration as a good thing. In many cases people have been blaming them for stealing jobs,
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