Satire Essay On Stealing

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I stole a box of chocolate from one of my friends at school. In the college my handbag gets filled with many things of my colleagues, Pens, Makeup tools, mirrors, Sanitary napkins, etc

More than 25 years I practice my hobby, stealing without no one can reveal the secret. Now I'm 37 years old, I started at age 12. As for the strangest things I stole, I can remember
I was with my grandmother’s friend, she’s an old woman. We have gone to shopping I said to her I don't more money to shopping and forgot my credit card at home. I can't steal anything because she’s with me, fearing tor reveal my secret. I feel heartbreak that day!

We moved from place to place without I am doing anything. I see things in front of me calling me out to steal it and my hand wants to stretch but I
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Over three months I couldn't. Every day that passes getting me more and more excited. I got an idea in my mind, I went to a store to steal a similar statue so this desire go away and
I feel comfortable. But it didn't happen! I’m still have the desire to steal my neighbor’s statue and the desire increasing day after day. I can never forget.

Took the chance of my neighbor go outside of their house with her family in weekend.
Decided to steal the statuette and follow my mind.sneak into her home, I did quite like thieves! This time it was possible anyone can see me and being now in prison. In addition to affect my reputation and the reputation of my family. I haven't thought only one thing, stealing the statuette. I sneak into the home at night. Whatever it happens I was like
More than two hours and a half in my neighbor's home I didn’t find it, I looked for everywhere but no avail! I was thinking if I found the statue, I’ll go to throw it in the Thames River next day! Caused me so much psychological troubles! It would be very difficult situation if she or one of her family come back suddenly. What can I say at this moment
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