Satire Essay On Substance Abuse

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Yasar Ayoub English 1a Regulate recreational substance Abuse Americans should regulate substance abuse because abusing drugs and alcohol and any harmful substance is a mental illness that destroys lives. Majority of prescription medicine is easily acquired at stores and they are more dangerous than most illegal drugs.the fact that they are easy to acquire and and legal doesn 't mean they are good for your health.One of the major drug problems in our community today is the misuse of prescribed and over the counter medicines. Drugs have become a very serious problem especially in the United States. They have become a major habit is one’s everyday lives. This country reliance on prescription drugs for pleasure, depression, and medical relief are the most common reasons people use them. Pleasure is one of the main reasons for drug use in America. Drugs are used daily by all different age groups. Some of the more common drugs easily acquired and used most often are marijuana,alcohol, cigarettes, and heroin. Among the younger users, marijuana,…show more content…
More than often there is in alcohol related accidents. It is becoming heavily abused as each minute passes by. More and more people are getting addicted to alcohol and are running their lives. Sure, it does give them a buzz and a good feeling for a while, but once one gets addicted it can totally ruin their life. Marijuana is also a very harmful drug. When one uses it for pleasure, they are looking for a high that last for four or five hours. A person might just start to smoke once in awhile, but before no time, they are addicted to it and there’s no turning back. Marijuana is known to be a stepping stone. That is true, 90% of those using hard drugs, such as heroin, started with marijuana. People do get a high and do feel good but overall marijuana is bad for you. If used as a teen it can cause retarding of the normal brain
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