Satire Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Are you aware that in the United States 24% of girls ages fifteen through nineteen were pregnant? Teenagers carrying babies is not ideal for anyone considering it is potentially ruining that teens childhood and putting them and their families in jeopardy. Education and awareness on this topic should be improved in schools and throughout communities. Teen pregnancy has the potential to ruin a teens educational future, relationships with the father, and put their child at risk for health effects; to create a solution to this problem there should be more funding towards the education of teen parents, an increased education on male involvement, and prenatal care provided. Education is what many teens find most important throughout their high school careers. Most teen parents drop out of high school, and if not they will more than likely have to redo the year. Many teen parents, mothers or fathers, leave their high school to care for their child or get a job to support the…show more content…
Many would agree that these health lessons on not getting pregnant are targeted towads the females and their roles in situations, but don’t you think males should also be held accountable? Male involvement programs are becoming less rare and improving male education on teen pregnancy (Moore 1). It is said that males should be held responsible for unplanned children by enforcing stricter child support regulations, and also learn how to take responsibility for their irresponsible actions. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the Family Impact Seminar teamed up to create a program for young men that stresses the consequences and responsibilities of teen pregnancy. (Moore 2). Most young males are not well educated on the topic because lack of detail in
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