Satire In American Psycho

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Since the beginning of American culture, it has been tradition for rich white men to oppress and dominate in order to gain and maintain power and control. This oppression began with the conquering of the United States and continued on for centuries. In the modern world, these men, many generations ahead, seem to be similarly programmed, and are still hungry for the things that fuel their ego: A healthy appearance, powerful social status, superior educational background, and a high-powered profession. These things are key ingredients for modern social superiority, a kind of superiority that seems to be the key for success in American society. And a kind superiority is something that the most power-driven men would kill for. In the film American Psycho, the director uses satire to illustrate the life of Patrick Bateman, a typical Yuppie in the 1980’s who is a monster because of his psychotic tendencies, which are influenced by his destructive male ego. Set during the 1980’s in New York City, Patrick Bateman is an attractive, and successful man. He is ivy-league educated, works at a high-profile Wall Street financial firm, takes excellent care of his physique and engaged to an intelligent blonde named Evelyn who is “almost perfect looking.” Patrick also surrounds himself with similar people who share identical backgrounds in wealth and education. The only thing that sets Patrick aside from the rest of his friends is his tendency to mutilate and murder several helpless female

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