Satire In Brave New World

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In this futuristic society, the world is comprised of “the World State” and controlled by a dictatorial government that doles out a drug called Soma to ensure happiness. The drug is a symbol of the powerful influence of science and technology. Uses as a metaphor in the novel, Soma’s effects on society remove individual freedoms and promotes social stability. The story doesn’t explain the pharmacology of Soma; however, it seems to be a mix of a narcotic and a hallucinogenic drug. Today, it is ironic that there is now a drug called "Soma" which is a muscle-relaxant on the market in the United States. In 1996, it was thought to be non-addictive. However, doctors now understand that it is highly addictive and it is now classified as…show more content…
In “Brave New World” the drug Soma is "Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant," besides being described as “Christianity without tears-that’s what soma is” (Huxley 33, 139). Even though it can cause dependence, it is “the perfect drug” (Huxley 32). It 's the government 's way to control its population. With its power to sedate and calm, Soma hides the fact that there is something wrong. The citizens do not realize they are enslaved and being controlled by the government and Soma (Huxley 123-124). “Brave New World” argues that Christianity controls people in the same way as religion does by providing comfort for believers, although, at the expense of individuality. In “Brave New World” Soma is distributed by the government and the majority of the citizens of the "World State" love the drug, and they utilize it to escape any unhappiness or dissatisfaction. The drug can be vaporized; it is served with coffee and “strawberry ice-cream soma” (Huxley 48). Soma is the people 's religion in “Brave New World.” Similar to religion, the drug has the power to console and reward, has the ability to bring visions of the improved world; it offered hope, strengthened faith and promoted charity. Soma’s power and effects are all that is needed for happiness; however, the truth
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