Satire In David Noise's A Modest Proposal

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David Noise's "A Modest Proposal" Readers Response David Noises Modest proposal is a satire that is based on the disproportion of power that 1% of the population is privileged to. Noise narrates an encounter that he had with Antonin Roberts, a wealthy venture capitalist and his wife Ayn Rand, whom can be considered a part of this elite 1%. Through this conversation Antonin and Ayn describe their "modest proposal". Antonin and Ayn's solution to the economical issues we are faced with in this day and age is to allot an even greater amount of power to the "non-human" people- the corporations. As they claim that corporations are "the job creators". Therefore, Antonin believes that the "job creators" should work alongside the federal and local government to become tougher on crime. As a result with the greater amount of people in jail they can be used as free labour workers. In a much subtler manner in comparison to John Swifts…show more content…
In his conclusion Noise asks " What can the ordinary person do?" Ayn begins to laugh and answers "Pray!". I find his conclusion ironic, especially since he is a secular humanist. The conclusion leaves the reader with a strong impact. It sounds like people should accept defeat. That This is simply the only logical solution and therefore the average person who is not privileged enough to be in this 1% should accept their fate. In turn, this only will encourage readers to find another alternative. In conclusion, David Noise is able to convey his point to the readers about the unevenly distributed power in our society. His encounter with this 1% only solidifies the seriousness of this matter and how it demands more attention. The style he uses to approach this subject is rather subdued and the reader to be attentive while reading his article. However personally I feel as though if Noise used a less subtle tactic his satire may have been more
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