Satire In Jean-Baptiste Molière's Play Tartuffe

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Jean- Baptiste Molière’s play “Tartuffe” is an unquestionably humorous comedy. The play defines the hypocritical acclaimed “Christians” we have in society. Daily, many people are blinded by admiration of religious figures who they believe are Gods disciples and can lead them to the gates of heaven. In “Tartuffe”, the author uses irony, satire, and tone to uncover a man follies of unreligious faith, the lust of women, money, and power. Jean- Baptiste Molière uses irony many times throughout the play, but more specifically when Tartuffe describes himself as a sinner. For example in act three scene six, “Tartuffe: Yes, my brother, I’m wicked through and through. The most miserable of sinners, I. Filled with iniquity, I should die.”(Moliere 175). Moliere portrays Tartuffe blameful by agreeing to his love for Elmire. Orgon is blinded by his admiration of Tartuffe. Without Orgon seeing for himself, he would never believe that Tartuffe could have deceived him. Moliere makes Tartuffe betrays others by his remarkable gestures of humiliation and aid. Moliere uses satire to emphasize the truth about Tartuffe’s lust for Elmire. In act three, scene three Orgon is hiding underneath the table and hears Tartuffe and Elmire’s…show more content…
Tartuffe tone is suspicious and gentle. For example, act three scene six Orgon son Damis lets his father know Tartuffe feelings for Elmire, but Tartuffe uses his voice to persuade Orgon and make him think that son is lying. Tartuffe tells Orgon, “No, let him have his say. And don’t accuse him. Don’t send him away. Believe his story – why be on my side?”(Moliere 175). Tartuffe tone makes Orgon feels guilty by insinuating that Orgon does not trust him. Moliere uses this tone for Tartuffe to show can be used to fool people in society. The author wants the reader to see that we concentrate so much on the tone being projected that we fail to recognize the motives and actions behind

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