Satire In Napoleon Dynamite

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Throughout the history, different medias-(Movies, tv shows, novels, songs) tackle the topic of teenage society. Jerad Hess, the director of the film Napoleon Dynamite, used many satirical device such as Exaggeration, Parody, irony, to interpret the life of a teenager in Idaho . The representation of teenage society in Napoleon Dynamite express the ups and downs of teenage life and mock/ exaggerate the life of teenegers and other contemperoty problems and situations. The director's main objective is to exaggerate and to reveal the covel changes of the country through a point of view of a teenager and the impact of those changes in their life. The immigration of Latin Americans to America and from urban areas to more rural areas are portrayed through the character Pedro and his interactions with protagonist-Napoleon Dynamite and other characters. The new technologies such as internet and new concepts such as online dating are represented by the Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kipp. By exaggerating these ideas and concepts, One of the main devices that the director uses is parody. using this device the creator exaggerate the daily life of a teenager by mocking the school life, activities such as student elections and different types of groups in the school. The actors exaggerate different groups by mocking their style, fashion, way they talk etc. The…show more content…
The main irony in the character Napoleon Dynamite. He want to be accepted by everyone. But his awkward and anxious prevent him from achieving popularity. Also his constant fight with his personality and his own wants. He wants to be a skilled but his aloofness and laziness prevent him from achieving his goals. One of the irony in this movie is the online dating. Which is a new concept to that era. Kipp, Napoleon’s brother wants the meet a girl from a web site. Everyone believes that the girl is a phony, however she turned out to be a beautiful
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