Satire In Onion's 'Cola War'

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The speaker is a critical writer from the onion. This was written during the 1997, a few years after the so called “Cola War”. The “Cola War” was an absurd case and is the target of satire, in the article false interviews were made where it showed how many men were “affected” by the war.The critical writer criticizes how America turns something insignificant into an enormous ruckus and about how both cola company 's value who will triumph over the consumers top choice to an extreme extent. The writer from the onion opens the satirical text by stating that the “Cola Wars” of 1983 to 1991 were “dark” times in the companies. Within the text, the two companies had a to create a ceremony to never forget the “war”,through the appeals of pathos. The writer uses “agency against agency in a bitter struggle between coke and pepsi”(4). In A way to reveal pain towards the “Colas Wars”. As the journalist continues on with the speech pathos becomes a powerful tool because it shows horror of the war. The use of evidence…show more content…
Many “testimonials” from veterans from the cola wars are given about the “emotional trauma” of the time of war; Through the appeal of ethos.As the his work continues on cola war veteran Nathan McCune says that the war was not fought between many different people around but “brother against brother……...fear that you’d run into an old classmate”it is a way to reveal ethos in the article of the “Cola Wars”(7)As the journalist continues on with the speech ethos it became a powerful tool because it showed the fear in competing with fellow friends. The use of evidence about how “traumatizing” the “Cola Wars” were; this establishment of “testimonials” use ethos will continue to appeal throughout the essay.The allure of Ethos in his argument allows the critical thinker to continue establishing the claim about how many people exaggerate the small in important things while ignore the important

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