Satire On Drugs

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Drugs are the dangerous substances that will destroy the consumer both physically and mentally; therefore, it is necessary to determine these substances restrictively. In order to do that, I am strongly assuring that the drugs should be legalized. There are three main reasons why the drugs should be legalized: diminution of crime rates, health guarantee, and extending of drugs regulation. Drugs are one of the crime sources, although not by the drugs, itself, but the condition. Illegal drugs are rare products that could not be found in the normal market, the cost for its rarity is totally expensive. Once the addicts—people who cannot live without consuming drugs—try to use the products, they will seek for the larger amount of drugs to consume. However, as they consume the drugs constantly, the price keep increasing abruptly and they become peter out of money. When those people are unable to buy the drugs, they will struggle to buy it and almost of the…show more content…
Today many countries try to regulate the numbers of drugs users as many as they can by using the scary promotions and commercials to attract the attention from people, albeit ineffective. Rather than using the outmoded methods, legitimacy should be announced for all drugs in order that the regulation will process more ease for the government. In this procedure, the government can legislate the limitations for drugs consumption and people will be able to understand drug disadvantages profoundly. Therefore, allowing drugs as ordinary substances will abate the drug consumption. The aforementioned issue, in brief, the drugs is a too danger to leave it as it is so it should be legalized. Legalizing of drugs will benefit the social by lessening the rising of crimes, protect the addicts’ health, and spread limitation of drug supervision. With all of these suggestions have proved that pronouncing drugs lawful are
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