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Some cartoons are for entertainment and others try to evoke emotions connecting you to the illustrator. The cartoon tackles both of these at once, taking a sensible and serious concern in society and making it seem ridiculous. This satirical cartoon criticizes the serious concern in today’s society – obesity. The view taken from the illustrator is that it is a ridiculous problem made famous by the obese populations’ stubborn attitudes, and their complete reluctance to make a change in their lives for better health. The further you dig into this satirical cartoon, the more you understand the effort that was put into making this an extremely sophisticated illustration.

There are multiple examples of caricature in this cartoon. The overweight man is extremely large – his character is obviously exaggerated. Similar to the scrawny man serving the overweight person, he is very scrawny, and his mouth is exaggerated. The use of caricature in the cartoon makes the issue seem ridiculous, and it also helps to separate the different groups. Juxtaposition is also evident in the cartoon. You can clearly see an
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All of these features collaborate in order to create a highly effective satirical cartoon such as this one. By taking an issue as serious as obesity, and throwing it in a pot along with some obvious and underlying jokes to make it seem ridiculous. By exaggerating the characters, nobody can just look at it without laughing – nobody can take it serious. With the sarcastic tone, it’s impossible to take it as seriously as it is. And the caption. The caption at the top reads: “Tackling Obesity Today.” This one line completes the whole cartoon. It suggests that as ridiculous as this cartoon is, it is as real as it gets. This is a real life example of what is going on. This is the message that the cartoon is implying, and there is only one way you can discover this meaning – analysing the rhetorical and language
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