Satisfaction In Banking

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Satisfaction means an ability to fulfil one’s desires, predictions, or demand, or the happiness derived from it. Nowadays, satisfaction is an essential subject for both the customer as well as organization especially in banking industry. Satisfaction is hard to identify as it is a subjective concept (European Institute of Public Administration, 2008). It is based on numerous of elements as it will change from individual to individual and also from one product to another product. Value, quality and satisfaction are the three main theories bring into satisfaction for literature. Hence, good employee satisfaction in banking industry will bring into a good service quality and it will lead to the customer satisfaction. There is a correlated relationship…show more content…
Thus, Khattak and Rehman (2010) concluded that it lead the bank to pay special observation to customer satisfaction. The quality of service is the only useful method bank can utilize in order to sustain in the market as in reality all the banks sell similar products (Stafford, 1996). Banks that provide excellence service quality have a competitive advantage as they will earn large market shares as stated by Bowen and Hedges (1993). Furthermore, it will raise the bank’s reputation and the increase number of new customers will definitely lead to increase in bank’s financial performance (Zeithmal et al, 1996). Yeung et al (2002) also bring up that it will reduce the cost of marketing as new customers are introduced by the existing customer into the bank by word-of mouth. However, Sureshchandar et al (2003) has a different point of view. They suggest that the service quality and satisfaction are the most essential benchmark of connect the relationship between the organization and customers. Satisfaction arises from services provided as well as other important…show more content…
This is because employees’ satisfaction is an important factor of motivation at work and direct factors that impact job satisfaction as it has correlated relationship with the work performance achievements.
Organizations can expand its business through customer loyalty organization, which meet of the value of the service received offering by the employees having good quality of life conditions provided by the organizations (Heskett, 1997).
The purpose of this study is to propose the ways to raise the internal banking work environment. This is because it is recognized as the base of offering excellent services, meet customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, we also will study how the working environment and the effective factors like paying attention to marketing, human resources and its impact on the performances of bank employees as well as skill needed to gain the customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, the responsibility of the bank towards employee’s needs and the ways to enhance their working condition through physically, socially, administratively and psychologically also will discuss in this study. This is due to employee’s psychological matters is an important factor of banking success as it will lead to job
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