Satrapi's Influence On Choices

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Marjane Satrapi, a famous artist, goes back to her teenage life. She speaks about having a choice when she became a depressed 19 year old. Satrapi shapes her life by making her choices. Whether it’s a positive or negative decision, it shapes her life for the better or for the worse. Satrapi builds her life by the choices she has made. Each decision she has made has driven her into an alternate way. Satrapi has made a living off creating cartoons through the decisions she has made. First starting off as a rebellious child, to a depressed drinking teen, moving on to a divorced 20 year old arts major, and finally ending up as successful cartoon writer. Her entire life did not simply go as arranged as it was formed in a book. She made it to where she is now through her decision making as well as her life style. Satrapi’s life symbolizes how lives change through the choices we make.…show more content…
Her decision making has occurred every step of the way in her life, every move controlling her future. In multiple instances Satrapi has made terrible decisions that have affected her negatively. Specifically in her dark ages as she says, “In England, she was selling drugs, homeless, and she almost died from bronchitis” (page 3). Making decisions leading to a dangerous lifestyle that almost ending her very existence. She also states that, “She studied graphic arts in Iran and at 21 married a young artist who turned out to be her polar opposite. He allowed her to do what she wanted, but she still felt imprisoned. A month later they were in separate beds, three year later they were divorced” (page 3). Satrapi married too quickly making a choice that would affect her in the long run, 4 years after. Through all of her bad choices, she still manages to turn everything around to become who she’s
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