Saturday Evening Rhetorical Analysis

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Amekeco Brooks Jr. The 2016 election was driven by the fear, nostalgia, and bias of the American people, but was it rigged? The President-elect, Donald Trump, felt the election was rigged against him. That idea is nothing more than a baseless theory of Mr. Trump. To rig an election would be no easy task and mistakes are rarely made. To impersonate a registered voter and using a dead persons vote is very unlikely, and even less likely to sway one. Lastly, the bias of the media cannot be counted as a way of rigging elections and it has always been a factor. When a person claims the election is rigged they usually talk about rigging the machines and voter fraud, but those things are very unlikely. Benjamin Franklin said, “Three can keep a secret,…show more content…
Media and its bias has been a factor in every election and is not necessarily a way to rig it. Trump feels the media is targeting him, but in truth an outlet always chooses candidates to pick on. He is not the only one. John Oliver`s “Last Week Tonight” had an entire segment about his running mates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and made fun of them. On the matter of Saturday Night Live (SNL) they have always made fun of celebrities and government officials alike. SNL has even been known to mock Hillary in the past and even during the election. Trump seems to be the only candidate angry about this, while the other candidates seem to have little to say about the medias less than nice jokes about them. The media also targets those that they feel are bullies (for lack of a better word) and Trump displays himself as one that needs to be put in their place. Over the course of the election, he has displayed himself as a man from another time, a time of prominent racist and sexist ideals. Trump just makes himself out to be a target and an easy one with all that he says, how can any media outlet not target that? The fact of the matter is that most outlets choose to put down Trump and support Hillary because at least she is trying to set some kind of example while he acts like a child from the 1860`s. He claims that the media is bullying him as if he himself is not one. He acts like they are making up stories, when they have evidence. The media has an impact on the election, that much is true but it is not a way to rig an election. All they do is put out facts in an entertaining way to get numbers and maybe advocate for a candidate. The media displays the candidates the way they present themselves and people make choices based on what is said and what they see, just like a campaign, but free. It is all up to the candidates on how
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