Saturnalia Accomplishments

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In ancient Rome, Saturn wad a god of agriculture, liberation, and time. His reign was known as a Golden Age of peace and abundance, thus making him a god of wealth. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum held the state treasury. During what was most likely the most famous of the Roman Festivals, was the Saturnalia which took place in December celebrating Saturn. The Saturnalia was a tie of feasting, role reversal, free speech, gift giving, and revelry. In memory of the Golden Age of Rome, each year the Saturnalia was observed on December 17 at his temple on the Forum Romanum. This temple, below the Capitoline Hill, contained the Royal Treasury and is one of the oldest in Rome. The Saturnalia was one of the major events of the year. Originally only one day, it was later extended to seven days. During this festival, business was suspended, the roles of master and slaves were reversed, moral restrictions were loosened and gifts were exchanged. Offerings made in his honor were done with uncovered heads, contrary to the Roman tradition. In contrast to his festival, Saturn himself was never very popular. Sacrifices made to Saturn were performed with the head uncovered unlike those of other major Roman deities, which were performed with the head covered. Saturn himself was represented as veiled. An example would be a wall painting…show more content…
Later Ops became the patroness of riches, abundance, and prosperity both personal and national. Originally on August 10, a festival took place in her honor. On December 9, the Opalia was celebrated. On August 25, the Opiconsivia was held. The Latin word ops means "riches, goods, abundance, gifts, munificence, plenty". Ops is also related to opus, meaning "work" and, particularly "working the earth, ploughing, sowing". This activity was of old deemed sacred, and was often attended by religious rituals to obtain the good will of the chthonian deities such as Ops and
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