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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is considered a major power in the Middle East. Many factors contribute to Saudi Arabia being such a power house. These factors are their economical wealth, military strength, and continuation to slowly adjust politically to the world. Saudi Arabia, once a land of tribes, is continuing to grow, and these are the reasons why. To start, Saudi Arabia’s success as major power in the Middle East is greatly contributed to their economical wealth. The number one factor to that contributes to Saudi Arabia’s wealth is Petroleum export. Nations with economies based on petroleum have a shelf life in being a successful nation. Saudi Arabia has realized this, and created a program call Vision 2030.…show more content…
In 1938, oil was first discovered in Saudi Arabia (1). When the oil was discovered, the Arab American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was founded (1). In the beginning, Saudi Arabia only had possession of twenty percent of ARAMCO. Over the years Saudi Arabia has chipped away at more and more, and now completely own ARAMCO (1). Saudi Arabia’s exports of oil contribute to ninety five percent of their economy. This is broken up into crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers, propylene polymers, and ethers, with crude petroleum accounting for fifty five percent (2). Saudi Arabia owns the largest proven oil reserve in the world, making up twenty five percent of the worlds known oil reserve. The after stated is how Saudi Arabia is able to accomplish exporting such a remarkable amount of…show more content…
The SANG are comprised of tribal personnel most loyal to the Royal Saud Family. The main objective for the SANG is to protect the royal family. The SANG are expected to protect the royal family from a possible coupe from MOD and any other rebellion. The SANG are the largest military force in Saudi Arabia, yet they are not as well equipped as MOD. The SANG do have more personnel though with better training. It is not uncommon for SANG to over watch MOD missions, or be in complete control of MOD (8). Additionally, the MOD is comprised of four smaller military services. The four smaller military services encompassed in MOD are the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF), the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF), and the Royal Saudi Navy Forces (RSNF). The MOD is the counterbalance against SANG if the royal family were to try to destroy a tribe that is hostiles towards the crown. Even though this seems to be counterproductive since the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salam is the king’s son, and the commander of the MOD

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