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According to the article Saudi Arabia Finally to Let women drive cars Jared Maslin mention that the Saudi Arabian government announced that they will grant women the right to drive cars next year in a major sign of social change in this ultra conservative kingdom. The civil rights advances follow years of civil dishonor, since the 90’s women have been demanding the right to drive in a country whose social mores have been corrupted since the 1930’s. The directive also came during a time of commotion in Saudi’s political system. Recently Saudi has crowned a new prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is set to inherit the countries power in the coming years. Mohammed is also in charge of renovating Saudi’s economy, but his rise to power alerted the government which caused the government to clampdown. Which eventually lead to the arrests of important religious figures. Furthermore, following the arrest of the important religious figures. It did not…show more content…
I think that the Saudi Arabian government should have been allowed the right for women to drive. For one reason, letting women drive would increase participation in a workplace. Also letting women drive would take a lot of stress of the male. Simply because the male would not have to feel like he is constantly moving and complaining that he never gets break. Also, the women of Saudi Arabia have literally been fighting for these rights since the 90’s. And me personally I believe that all humans are equal. Lastly, letting women drive will increase the economy in Saudi Arabia because now women do not have keep spending their money on private drivers or paying a relative to take them work. Now they can invest that money back into their families or anything else that is essential to them. Many of the kingdoms professional and young people will welcome the change, looking at it as a step to making life in Saudi Arabia like everywhere else in the

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