Saudi Arabia Swot Analysis

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Strengths: The major strength of The kingdom of Saudi Arabia relies heavily on its strategic location. As it is the birthplace of prophet Mohammed and the birth of Islam, it has great antiques and history that is appreciated by Arabs, Muslims and everyone around the world, as the history of the Arab peninsula goes back to more than 1400 years. This provides tons of historic information and antiques that will attract tourists around the world. Another strength is the constant visits from Muslims throughout the year, which will motivate the Saudi government to be on a constant road to development to provide ease for visitors when performing religious rituals. Saudi Arabia holds approximately 70% of youth population, these young people will be a great asset in the success of the objectives and the vision as a whole because of the amount of enthusiasm and energy they have towards change and development. Weaknesses: Since Saudi Arabia is a big country that consists of more than 30 million people, there are different cultural groups of the society, it would be difficult for diversified mentalities to be accepting of the rapid changes that are happening. Another major weakness is that Saudi Arabia suffers from the very hot weather, which could be a barrier from practicing outdoor…show more content…
At first, they will fight this with all they can, which means that they will not spend any money in such activities. The older generation still feels that the idea of international products is better than local ones, and those who have the financial capacity to travel abroad will do so, because it is a drastic change in the culture and would require extensive marketing to get the citizens to believe in local entertainment and domestic tourism. Then it will require citizens who are religiously conservative to be more accepting of the changes that are
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