Saugus High School Case Study

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Saugus High School is a co-ed, public, high school in Saugus, Massachusetts. Classes are held at SHS for students in grades 9 through 12. About 700 pupils are enrolled and the student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1. The population gender breakdown is 53 percent female and 47 percent male. SHS is part of the Saugus School District. State assessments show 93 percent of pupils are proficient in English while 76 percent are proficient in Mathematics. The graduation rate is 85 percent and the College Readiness Index is 17.9.

The curriculum at SHS is basic Common Core in compliance with Massachusetts Framework standards, Standard curriculum subjects are Social Studies, Science, English, Mathematics, Wellness, Physical Education, and World Languages. For those who qualify, Honors and Advanced Placement classes are also available. Classes are in Technology, World Languages, Mathematics, and Sciences. In order to graduate, SHS students must have 120 credit hours. Another graduation requirement is 48 hours of documented community service. SHS also moffers Special Education classes for those who qualify.

Extracurricular activities help students to acquire important leadership and teamwork skills and are considered a desirable component of school life at SHS.
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There are several places of interest in Saugus. The Saugus Ironworks National Historic site is the first integrated ironworks built in the United States. It began to operate around 1646 and is driven by wooden-geared water wheels. It 's part of the National Parks Service and a National Historic site. Appleton 's pulpit is another historic monument. From this spot, Major Samuel Appleton denounced the tyrannical colonial governor, Sr. Edmund Andros. For those who enjoy nature, the Rumney Marsh Reservation is a salt marsh that is home to several types of birds and marine creatures. Another great natural site is Prankers Pond, a large lake that offers picnicking areas and

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