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7 November 2015
Saul Bass Saul Bass was born in New York in May eighth, 1920. He began his schooling at James Monroe high school in the Bronx and from there went on to attend classes at Brooklyn college. He started his career in Hollywood by designing the covers for Champion in 1949 and Death of a Salesman in 1951. From there he went on to design other movie covers and many other logos. Saul Bass made movie titles almost as interesting as the movies themselves. He designed such covers as: Psycho; It´s a mad, mad, mad, mad world; Bonjour Tristesse; Vertigo; Grand Prix and North by Northwest; Goodfella; Casino and many others. His unique style made them fun to look at, and enticed viewers to
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He was obviously looking for a more creative outlet for his creative designs than trademarks, corporate logos, letterheads, TV commercials and packaging for which he was in constant demand. The answer proved to be film-making: imaginative documentaries, a single feature film, and pre-eminently title sequences for other directors ' work on which he sometimes received the credit of "visual consultant". His second wife, Elaine was seven years younger than him and a New Yorker who sang in an Andrews Sisters-style group with her older sisters and eventually relocated to Hollywood. She met Bass around 1956, and married him in 1961 and worked with him until his death in 1996. They eventually had a daughter named Jennifer Bass, who became a graphic designer later in her life.

Bass had a unique style that no one else could attain. One of his most famous designs was Hitchcock’s famous film; Vertigo. This poster followed Bass’ pattern of simple colors, limited amount of text with an emphasis on an simple and thought provoking image. In this poster the first thing seen is the man falling into the white vortex. Bass chose to emphasize the man by contrasting him with the white vortex in the center of the poster. This poster is the epitome of everything Saul Bass created and the forerunner in creation of movie

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