Saul Of Tarsus Essay

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In life don’t we all live with the hope that when we allow some stupid conscience indiscretion to occur we hope there will be an opportunity to make amends? Have you never made a serious mistake and then hoped that somehow, it will be possible to correct your error in judgment and be forgiven by those you had harmed or offended? We may do something that is so hurtful to someone that forgiveness is not something that the offended person can find in their heart. To those of us who can’t receive forgiveness from an offended or hurt individual may have to suffer earthly consternation from that offended individual. Far worse than what you may receive from an earthly consternation that one of your peers inflicts upon you, that penalty pales when…show more content…
All Christians know an important biblical man who acted a lot like a modern day Muslim ISIS member; Many of his thoughts and actions were just the same as an ISIS member. ISIS members think today that they have a divine right to destroy anyone who doesn’t believe or act the way they do. The biblical man I am thinking of was Saul of Tarsus. Saul of Tarsus was a man on a mission. What would you consider a person to be that would gleefully destroy Christian churches and arrest and imprison people for the crime of being a Christian? Would you consider Saul of Tarsus forever lost; could we call Saul of Tarsus a murder? Was Saul of Tarsus a murder, did he kill Christians? We do know that Saul of Tarsus was arresting Christians, and if they were found guilty of being Christians they could have been stoned to death. The next group of cruel men we would consider lost if they were judged by our present day code of conduct. We would consider these men lost because of their diabolical actions. This group of men gleefully flogged an innocent man nearly to death and then they willingly drove metal spike’s into this innocent man’s hands and feet, they nailed Him to a roughly sawed
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