Saul Williams: Cultural Diversities And Differences

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Cultural Diversities and Differences “Look how they treat us” is a poem by Saul Williams in his collection of poetic literature compiled in the book US (a.) (Williams, 2015). In the poem, Saul Williams describes how the invention of social media has changed the social interactions and ideas. Further, the article describes how people have mixed serious issues about race differences and atrocities being bestowed among the unprivileged population with entertainment. Moreover, Saul notes that people do not think through what they share so long as it has come to their mind. Furthermore, the content shared on the social media platforms is full of individual analysis based on personal prejudices, and thus, affecting the worldview others. Consequently, Saul notes that the trend social media has raised an insensitive population: A population who views…show more content…
Social media has captured a number of social ills real time. For instance, the many police killings have been captured live and shared. However, the people sharing or the ones affected have received either a backlash or support depending on what section of the society seems affected. For instance, a video of a white police officer killing a black unarmed teen, which is shared by a black person receives mixed reactions from the society. The blacks will feel aggrieved, whereas the white section of the population will either be indifferent or support the police officer. These types of cultural differences and viewpoints or prejudices continue to dominate the social media platforms thus distracting an objective conversation on the societal wrongs that continue to further create cultural divisions in our society. Accordingly, the conversations about being a white American with all the privileges and being a black American who keeps fighting for rights is continually perpetuated on social media thus making the United States of America’s unity seem a
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