Sausage Party Film Analysis

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As it has been highlighted in the course of this analysis, then, similarly to Frozen, most of Sausage Party’s success lies in its universality, even though such universality is played in the opposite way of Frozen: this time, the single characters are granted a greater emotional and psychological depth, while it is their physical aspect that is unrelatable since they are not humans but grocery items. Actual empirical evidence on the effects of viewership identification is still lacking, but a study on the cognitive effects of immersion in cinematic viewing carried by Dutch professors Valentijn T. Vish, Ed S. Tan, and Dylan Molenaar has demonstrated that there is, in fact, an observable relationship between film immersion and emotional intensity perceived by the audience. At the same time, professors Scott H. Hemenover and Ulrich Schimmack of the university of Western Illinois and Toronto have examined empirical evidence for feelings of amusement and disgust as perceived by an audience of a film…show more content…
The object of a pornographic or adult film, in fact, is ultimately that of pleasure, and even if Sausage Party is not an actual pornographic text, it would be reductive not to take into account the importance of its narrative of sex and pleasure. Even Baudrillard refers to porno as a fascination “more on a metaphysical than on a sexual level” (Baudrillard 400), therefore the sexual elements of Sausage Party, featuring pieces of food that engage in sexual activities with other pieces of food, are enjoyable because and especially for the fact that they do not revolve around sexual intercourses among actual human beings, thus allowing for the discourse of sex to shift entirely on the conceptual

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