Sausage Party Ideology

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1. Introduction
Being the first CGI-animated film to be rated R by the MPAA is not the only title of which Sausage Party can be proud. The irreverent movie is also the highest grossing film of its category with a box office of almost 140 million dollars as of November 2016. The openly parodic way in which the film makes fun of Pixar and Disney narrative tropes, like the singing moments and its strong critique of religious traditions, has not damaged in the slightest the response to Sausage Party, which received positive and encouraging reception both from the critics and the media press, whose only apprehension concerning the film is in the exploitative working conditions of the animators. However, this paper is not concerned neither with the actual story of the movie nor with the exploitation of the artists of Sausage Party, on the contrary, the object of this inquiry takes off exactly from the film’s most emblematic title: that of being the first CGI-animated adult movie. It is indeed peculiar that a communication product that has traditionally been considered for children, animation, was, on the other hand, appropriated by the
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For this reason, this paper poses as its principal objective that of discussing the reasons that brought Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, creators of Sausage Party, to this appropriation and also of investigating the reasons why, contrary to other adult animated movies, Sausage Party was
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