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SAUSAGE ESCAPE Written By J’lon Graham Jlon R. Graham 1555 CASPER AVE EVERLAND, TEXAS 76110 GRAHAM101027@EISD INT. GROCERY STORE - MORNING Bright light from the sun flashes across the entire store. FRANK a sausage, he in his pals were still in their package thinking today will be the day they get chosen by the gods. They begin to sign their welcoming song for the gods. Frank (Curious) Does anyone know what actually happens in the great beyond. Many say that it 's a great place and you get to meet others of your kind. Stepping foot out of his package, Frank walks towards the buns and speaks with AMY. Frank (CONT’D) Can 't belive no one knows what happen…show more content…
Walking towards Amy and Frank (Fred and Britney) are on their way to corrupt things. Amy (Wondering) Why are those two heading our way. I wonder what their up to. Amy and Frank both are wondering why they are walking towards them considering they don 't like each other. (Frank) (sighting) I 'm not sure but i think we should go now. The vegetables are standing in front of them both. Lights brightening, Sun shines even more, and customers fastly approaching. (Fred) (Happy) Well what do we have here. To love birds to bad Frank didn’t mention to you that he told me you wouldn’t get chosen by the gods, because your a deformed bun. (Amy) (Sad) Is that true Frank you really said that about me. You know that when i was younger a kid stepped on our package and i was the only bun that got smushed. Montage !)Amy starts to cry knowing what Frank said 2)Frank stares at Fred and is very angry that he lied 3)Sad music starts to play 4)The oranges were picked up and put in a shopping cart. 5)Fred has a angry but yet satisfying grin on his face.…show more content…
Did you think i wouldn”t get chosen cause i 'm a deformed bun. (Frank) (Sad) Amy that all was a lie. I would never say anything like that. Since i saw you i had a thing for you. (Amy) (Curious) Why do we have to leave again Frank. (Frank) (Scared) See look their eating on Mr.Candy As the gods eat candy the food items began to be scared. Montage: 1) Frank unlocks the door and he and britney gets out of the car they walk back to the store to warn others. 2) They arrive there and nobody seem to believe that it was true. 3) Frank gets everyone to believe him and they try to stop people from picking them up (Frank) (Relieved) I told you all that the gods what to eat us (Amy) (Mad) What do we do Frank! What do we do (Frank) Everyone let 's all block the door first. Montage: 1) They all start to grab objects to block the door 2) Frank and Amy start to regain their friendship 3) Mr.Beef escapes from being purchased by gods 4) The mysterious guy has died 5) Frank

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