Sauteing Research Paper

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One of the most common technique of cooking, it require a saute pan with a slope side to toss the food over in it. Sauteing should be done in moderately high heat with a small amount of oil. Sauteing is a dry heat cooking method, which it only required a small amount of oil and the heat from the pan will transfer to the food.. The saute pan should be hot up to the medium high range to ensure the moisture from the food will vapour immediately.

The food that require to use the cooking method Sauteing should be the food that easily cook. In French, Saute meaning to jump, which just to make the food jump in the pan. Due to the food cooked fast, Sauteing able to keep the original flavour of the food, which it able to enhance the flavour of the soup or stew, by just adding in the Sauteing cooked food like vegetable.

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