Savage B-Mag Rifle: Case Study

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One of my regrets is not knowing about the .17 WSM at the time that I, purchased my MP5SD .22LR. Had I, known about the cartridge I, would have invested in the Savage B-Mag rifle instead. This rifle is; fun, extremely economical to shoot and its very accurate. Many new in the box bolt-action rifles may arrive without their bolts installed in the action. The Savage B-Mag, is the only rifle that I, have seen that requires the Gunsmith to check the four digits on the bolt and match it to the rifles serial number. If the numbers on the bolt don’t match the rifles serial number, the Gunsmith must call the company for advice. Having different serial numbers require that the Savage company be contacted due to it being non-compatible. The rifle should…show more content…
This will allow the trigger guard to be taken off and the stock will be prepared for removal. After removing the trigger guard, the Gunsmith will loosen the two screws in the bedding pillars. These two screws secure the stock and are loosened with a 5/32-inch Allen wrench. Once the two screws are loose, the receiver will be released. Under the rear of the trigger, is a round trigger weight adjustment device. This device resembles a wheel and it will adjust the trigger 2.5 to 4 pounds. Adjustments are made by, turning it left to increase the pull or right to lighten it. Although no replacement parts are available, the Gunsmith may request an entire Accu Trigger assembly for the rifle. When disassembling the bolt, it will be disassembled from the rear to the front. The Gunsmith will begin disassembly of the bolt by using the 3/32-inch Allen wrench to remove the bolt cap screw and cap. Next, using the snap ring pliers, the left and right side of the pliers will be placed on the left and right hole. Once the pliers are stable on the ring, it can open and remove the snap ring. After removing the snap ring, a 5/64-inch Allen key is used to remove the bolt handle screw. This, will allow the bolt handle to come off the

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