Savage Drift Character Analysis

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Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne exhibits the struggle of several kids as they make an attempt to save their friend, Josie, who has been forced to live in a prison comprising of people with only type O blood. Niko, Jake, Astrid, and Dean are the several kids who will be traveling from their safe haven in Canada back to the United States where Josie is located. Furthermore, Josie is making an attempt to survive in the prison with a named “INPUT” who the others of monument 14 met earlier in the story. One can clarify symbolism involving a red leaf, evaluate Astrid’s choice to take Jake along to save Josie, and predict how the monument 14 kids plan to sneak Josie out of the prison. During an argument with Dean, a red leaf falls on top of Alex’s head; however, at first one would infer that the leaf was just a random occurrence, except, through further analysis one can conclude that…show more content…
Josie was initially described as being with the monument 14 kids in a newspaper; however, she was not rescued and placed in a safe haven so she was presumed dead. Ever since, Josie’s prison friend planned on getting her out by attempting to transmit information to the press, thus informing them that Josie is still alive. The press could potentially pull Josie out of the prison and into somewhere more luxurious. One can predict that this might work as long as an outside force does not get involved, an example being the military. Furthermore, if all goes wrong, one can predict that Niko will find someway to save her whether it is getting help from others or breaking into the prison and sneaking her out. Based on information pertaining to the story: one can clarify the symbolism with the red leaf, evaluate Astrid’s choice to bring Jake along, and predict how the monument 14 kids plan to sneak Josie out of
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