Savage Inequalities

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There was history teacher of East St. Louis high school, named Irl Solomon. He was approached by author Jonathan Kozol, due to column from a journalist. Irl Solomon was a redheaded 54 year old man who graduated Brandeis University, once he entered law school he was suddenly torn away by his concern on civil rights. After one semester in law school he dropped out and decided to go to one of the toughest schools to teach, he still remains there.
Through entries in Jonathan Kozol’s book Savage Inequalities: Children in America 's Schools he conducts several interviews with Solomon’s class and finds that theses students are aware of the lack of education provided at their school and this has even driven students to not even consider a possible educational
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Louis’ and Rye’s high school for investigative research. In East St. Louis he finds one particular class taught by a teacher who (u3rhl4.) In this school students find the lack of interest for them within their education system. Students experience many issues from the lack of hygiene, maintenance, shortages of funds, and even support for their education. This has lead many students to creating uneducated lifestyles for themselves. Now while all this is in occurrence, another more beneficial school has ease of access to any ideal high school should and more. They have very well curriculums for students to become the best they can be and hold numbers resulting into most of their school ranking in Advanced Placement classes. The differences between these schools are far from becoming equal but this is evidence that our educational system is not equally diverse and that many students are suffering lacks of education forcibly due to education system.

The education system has flaws spread out many schools in our nation. That being, our system is ready for an improvement. Throughout the article I found much inequality spread around in our educational system and that this very article proves that. I for one knew our nation 's educational system was bad, but this just broaden my view even more. I for one have done my fair share of traveling and this article I completely agree with. In my experience i 've been to many schools taught in many different ways and
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