Savage Kalabear And Cracker Research Paper

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Savage Koalabear is an average 16 year old boy with his 15 year old brother,Cracker.They are the best of brothers,but most of all, they are best of friends.They do everything together.They would die if something happen to one of them.
It all started when the plane crashed. Two brothers named Savage Koalabear and Cracker were planning to go to California as a vacation to see their family, but the brothers were denied of their trip when a terrible thing happened. It all started that morning when Savage Koalabear and Cracker were late to the airport and had to rush to the airport. Not caring how they looked, smelled or anything they wanted to make sure they don't miss their flight and they made their flight but barely.They rushed through the gates and made it onto the plane and they could barely breath but they and went on the flight to relax but when they sat down it only got worse.
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The plane was in flames, and some how, some way Savage Koalabear and Cracker survived even though everybody else on the plane died. Savage Koalabear and Cracker were unconscious and they finally woke up, but barely and as soon as Savage Koalabear saw the plane was about to burst into flames, he warned Cracker and they ran out the plane and ran as far and as fast as they can. As they were running they heard a loud bang and the cracking sound of forest trees and they knew the plane crashed with all of their belongings and they knew they had to try to survive in the wild until someone can help

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