Savagery Behavior In Lord Of The Flies

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What causes savagery behavior ? Biology can make people do bad things. It can cause savage and immoral behavior. Just like in the novel The Lord of the Flies. In the book, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, he writes about character who are kids whose plane has crashed on an island. The setting of this story is a small island compared to most and it has pigs, fruit, and little kids. They realize too there are no adult with them either. The two main characters are Ralph and Piggy. They met after the plane crashed and since then they’ve gotten really close and they were each other first person to meet on the island. There were lots of conflict in the story, but one of the first was between Jack and Ralph. Reason is because Jack wanted to be the chief, but so did Ralph.

Later, In the story the behavior of the little kids changed drastically. The first reason I think the boys savage and immoral behavior is based on biology. I said that because there was no adults to guide them. And, that led them to go crazy simply because there was rule or authority there. I can support my reason from the article “ Why boys become vicious”. It shows kids
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It left a good emotion on the kids where they felt like savages. I will support this reason of mine with another article called “ The Teenage brain”. In this article it says dopamine a brain chemical released when something makes them feel good. Also, It says it leads teenagers to make irrational decisions more in teenagers than any other age. This means when they killed the pig dopamine was released. When that happened they started to kill more and act like beast. Since the had no rule or authority, they acted like they were savages and needed to kill every pig on the island. It made them feel good, so they kept on doing these actions. As the story progressed their action just got worse and
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